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The business world as we knew it has changed. And it will continue to change; and change more rapidly than we have ever seen. To adapt to these changes and grow your business you must be ready to rethink how you sell.

  • Core Concept: Trusted Business Advisor It's not about you, your products, or your services. It's about your prospect's needs. Period.
  • Understanding the Sales Process How to use the four phases of the sales process to Discover, Define and Document the opportunity to solve a prospect's needs.
  • Creating a Sales Strategy The integration of your solutions, sales resources, sales process, and markets into a comprehensive plan of ACTION.
  • Optimizing Sales Activities Quantitative Metrics and Analysis to determine the quantity and sequence of sales activities that will yield the greatest outcome.
  • Driving the Sales Engine The longer you have to build a trusted relationship with your prospect, the higher the probability that you will successfully close the opportunity.
  • Managing a Culture of Sales Your entire organization passionately focused on the goal of delivering high impact value to your clients.

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Each training session will be led by Roy vanNorstrand, LerenGroup founder and the creator of OWS, and designed to deliver Knowledge that you can use immediately. Features of the Training events include

  • Strictly Limited Seating. No more than 20 participants will be attending any one event; providing optimal interaction and a high quality learning environment.
  • Minimum Distraction. There will be only you, your colleagues, and your instructor... no vendors or sponsors pitching their programs.
  • Maximum Impact. High quality training materials, and more than 25 years of experience in the innovative development and execution of sales strategy.
  • First Step to Success. After completing one of the Training events you will be eligible to apply for membership in the OWS program.

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